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SPECTRAN V6 ECO-18 (Rx & Tx 60 MHz RTBW each | 9kHz to 18GHz)

We are updating the SPECTRAN V6 ECO with the "SPECTRAN V6 ECO-18" offering an extended frequency range of up to 18 GHz!

This will make it the perfect tool for X-band (8 GHz to 12 GHz) satellite and radar direct sampling, monitoring, recording and decoding.

At-a-glance specs:

  • Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 18 GHz
  • Rx RTBW: 60 MHz I/Q
  • Tx RTBW: 60 MHz I/Q (Optional)
  • DANL: -170 dBm (4 dB NF)
  • Sweep speed: >3 THz/s
  • ADC: 16 Bit | 2 GSPS
  • Architecture: Windows or Linux
  • PC Connection: Single USB C with PD (15W)

Additional hardware options:

  • Tx (Optional. I/Q signal generator and/or I/Q streamer with 60 MHz bandwidth covering 9 kHz to 18 GHz)
  • GPS/GNSS (supporting our drive test software & incl. ultra high timing accuracy of 5ppb (TCXO) or 200ppt (OCXO) time and frequency accuracy)
  • OCXO (5 ppb vs 0,5 ppm from TCXO)
  • Preamplifier (extra 20dB of gain offering -170dBm/Hz (4dB NF))
  • Powermeter (up to 70 GHz)
  • Phase Coherent Multi Unit Sync (cascade multiple units for higher real-time bandwidth e.g. 10 units will offer 600MHz RTBW)
  • Extended temperature range

The SPECTRAN V6 ECO-18 will be the next unit to be based on our patented ADST (Advanced Direct Sampling Technology).

The look and feel of the new SPECTRAN V6 ECO-18 and the full RTSA-Suite PRO Software support will be 1:1 as for the regular SPECTRAN V6 ECO.


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Price Announcement:

SPECTRAN V6 ECO 100X-A18 (1 Rx) = 6.998 Euros

SPECTRAN V6 ECO 150X-A18 (Rx & Tx) = 9.980 Euros

70 GHz Powermeter = 1.498 Euros

Will finish layout this week and start PCB production. Preorders are now possible.