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IQ Signal Generator

The IQ Signal Generator block generates an I/Q stream based on the selected generator type(s):

IQ Signal Generator Block

Left hand side Input:

  • IQ

Right hand side Output:

  • IQ


You can adjust the Sample Rate (up to 20GHz) and Center Frequency. If you select a Frequency Profile the Sample Rate & Center Frequency settings can be adjusted fully automatic by setting the corresponding checkboxes. In addition you can also add a Time Offset (within +/-200ms) which might be of great help if you want to combine multiple I/Q streams.

Varios Generator/Modulation types are available:

  • Sweep (Incl. Single Carrier, Multi Carrier & Power Ramp function)
  • Noise (Within -200dBm to 0dBm)
  • Pulse (down to 10nS Pulse and Pause rate)
  • FSK (With up to 20MHz Symbol Rate)
  • GFSK (With up to 20MHz Symbol Rate)
  • QAM (Modulation types supported: BPSK, ASK, QPSK, QPSK-C, 16-QAM, 64-QAM, 256-QAM, 1024-QAM, 4096-QAM with up to 20MHz Symbol Rate)
  • OFDM (Modulation types supported: BPSK, QPSK, QAM16, QAM64, QAM256, QAM1024, QAM4096)
  • Raster Image (Load a JPG, PNG, BMP or TIFF and convert it to I/Q)
  • Echo/Reflection

All Generators can be combined or even added multiple times even with different settings: 

IQ Signal Generator Settings


A 4096-QAM Constellation Diagram with 20MHz Symbol rate:

A QAM 4096 Constellation Diagram with 20MHz Symbol Rate


Step Sweep Screenshot:

I/Q Signal Vector Generator Step Sweep Demo


You can use the IQ Signal generator to send an I/Q stream to the Tx of the SPECTRAN V6 to use it as a Vector Signal Generator (up to 120MHz Sample Rate/RTBW).

Another great feature is the I/Q stream mix: You can add an additional I/Q Signal Generator stream to the regular I/Q stream coming from the SPECTRAN V6 Receiver. Or why not stream the IQ Signal Generator as an I/Q file to disk and use it with an third party vector signal generator?

IQ Signal Generator Typical Missions




We changed the frequency steps to 1Hz (was 1kHz) resolution.


We added a "Shift Filter" feature to the FSK Encoder. With its help you can smoothly change the encoder from FSK (0% Shift) to GFSK (100% Shift).


We added a "Power Ramp Duty Cycle" adjustment to remove "glitches", which might have occurred from time to time.

You should now get a glitch free signal no matter what:

Glitch Free Power Ramp RF Signal Generator

Queck out our latest video showing the IQ Signal Genarator running complex QAM modulations up to QAM4096: IQ Signal Generator Demo

The IQ Signal Generator offers an optional Raster Image generator. The Raster Image generator can read an image from a file and converts each horizontal line interpreted as spectrum  into a continous IQ data stream. You are then able to see the loaded image in a spectrum waterfall. In attached mission you need to specify the path to the  image file.

Input image:

Output spectrum waterfall:


An additional bitmap coverted to IQ, now as geyscale image for better contrast:

Bitmap to RF IQ data


You can order the Raster Image option on our online shop



Uploaded files:

We have rised the Symbol Frequency limit from 20MHz to a whopping 100MHz.

Make sure to use a high performance system when using high symbol rates otherwise your CPU Sat for sure will run into 100% which will result in to a useless signal output (see screenshot below).

100MHz IQ Symbol Frequency