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IQ Histogram 3D

UNIQUE: The IQ Histogram 3D block shows the digital modulation as a vectorscope displaying I and Q as X-Y plot incl. the Z axis as signal/sample over time statistic. This is another unique I/Q view only available for the RTSA-Suite PRO software:

IQ Histogram 3D Block

Left hand side Input:

  • IQ


The IQ Histogram block offers a Demodulation (none, ofdm, ofdm_diff), Phase Recovery (none, fixed phase, modulus power, gardner 4, gardner 16, gardner 64), X and Y Source trimming (i, q, r, rq, phi, dphi, phase, band, i4, q4, symbol, symbol4, symbol16, symbol64, symbol256) and adjustable resolution via Value Bins (16 to 1024):

IQ Histogram 3D Settings

A 16-QAM signal as 3D view:

16-QAM 3D Histogram Demo Screenshot

Another 3D Histogram 16-QAM Demo Screenshot:

16-QAM 3D Histogram View

The Same signal as IQ Vector Scope and IQ Histogram 3D at the same time:

IQ Histogram 3D vs IQ Vector Scope

Typical Mission:

IQ Histogram 3D Typical Mission