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How to get all frequency data in IQ?

How do I get all the frequency data at once in iq data json? How can I show IQ values at all frequency values on a server? If I can't do this, how can I capture only the data at the frequency I want? Thanks.

What do you mean? Don't really understand your request.

Each sample contains a header listing startfrequency (frequency of the first value), endfrequency (frequency of the last value) and number of values contained within. The frequency distribution of values across the frequency range is linear.

I want to see the values in the frequency range I selected. For example 2000-3500.

You can only retrieve IQ data when your frequency range is within the available realtime bandwidth. For larger frequency ranges you have to use sweep mode, which can only output Spectra data.

Actually, I want to capture 1-second data rather than realtime bandwidth data. I want the API to be updated every second and the data in that 1 second to be displayed.

Ok, but that doesn't change that this is physical impossible. IQ data is only available in realtime mode, which is limited to the available realtime bandwidth.

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