RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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Histogram -30db cutoff

In histogram view I am noticing any waveform that’s amplitude is above -30dbm losses it’s persistence or fill and just becomes an outline of the waveform.

Any area below -30 is fine however above this point just has an empty fill with its outline.

I can provide image but why is this happening and how can I change this so the waveform is shown correctly at all levels.

Spectrum data in the RTSA Suite has a so called Power Range to help adjusting the minimum and maximum power value range of the graphical data views and to reduce the CPU load for some data processing. Spectrum power values out of this Power Range are not processed and shown in the graphical data views. I guess that's the reason for your issue.

I can reproduce your issue by using the Spectran V6 block together with the Calibration block. This should be adjusted automaticaly by the RTSA Suite, I will add it to our todo list.
Can you show the mission configuration or the use case you are getting this effect, so we can further analyse your case? In some cases you need to adjust the Power Range manually.

This is the setup I am seeing this with.



Spectran V6