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NOW AVAILABLE: High Power Quad Rigit EMC/EMI Horn Antenna Series

Our new EMC/EMI high power antenna series will offer up to 500W and a wide frequency range of 300MHz to 18GHz which makes it the perfect choice for EMI/EMC tests or for high power jammer applications.

We will offer different models with the following frequency ranges:

  • 300 MHz to 3GHz
  • 300MHz to 8GHz
  • 2GHz to 18GHz

Aaronia EMC/EMI Power Horn Antenna Series

Power HORN Antenna



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The antennas are now available from stock in our Online Shop

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Looks an awesome piece of kit!  wish I had one of these!  Just wondering, will you be adding a radiation pattern graph to the this is the most important specification for me.  Thanks

Yes should be available soon.

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