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Health Status messages

Dear Aaronia support team,

I am writing a script and I am considered to show the happening errors and warnings messages in 3 parts:

  1. in the bottom bar (the bar which include ROC , etc.)
  2. on the health monitor window
  3. pop up window that appears near windows tray part.

note that knowing that how may I add messages in each part would be appreciated.

I know that one way to show message on bottom bar is to use Mission.logInfoCenterError and etc. but using BlockHealth() is more suitable for me.


Is there a specific question?

If you want to generate messages that the user should notice, use the logInfoCenter functions. Health status is more for logging system state that is not directly relevant to the user. Wether messages will show up in the status bar or the operating system notification area depends on context and configuration. For example the status bar can only display a single message, so in case of multiple error messages in the current mission only one will be directly visible to the user there, the full set is only available via the InfoCenter.

Sorry not to ask the question clearly,

BTW, your answer helped me. Can you explain about syslog too? where does it log?

syyslog messages will be recorded in the RTSA application logfiles.