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Get sample and iq data same time

I want to get sample and iq data same time when I send get request

send request => localhost:54664/sample

response json



is it possible?

Not in a single request. IQ data and spectra data are two different packet types. You could use a separate HTTP Server block for each, but samples might then not be 100% synchronized. Also the frequency range in your example could only be covered in sweep mode, which cannot output IQ data in a single packet for the whole frequency range (the sheer amount of values would be a problem, esp. when using JSON text format).

I'm  taking  400MHz - 6GHz sample data, but I need their IQ data with sample. Because I use them, and its must be some time data, because I use sample data for process and after I would like to use IQ data as to   process result. Is there any posibility ?

The only option for that at the moment would be to connect the HTTP server directly to the IQ output of the Spectran V6 and implement the sweeping logic and FFT conversion on your end (like set center frequency to 400 MHz, receive samples, set  center frequency to 480 MHz, receive samples, set center frequency to 560 MHz, and so on).

As implied above, esp. when dealing with IQ data you probably also want to change the output format to binary to minimize the processing overhead as this can generate hundreds of megabytes of data per second (converting numbers to text and back to numbers at this scale can be quite taxing).

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