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Do you offer a Quasi Peak (QPeak) Detector for EMC tests?

Yes. You can select the Quasi Peak Detector (also know as Q Peak Detector or QP Detector) e.g. within the Spectrum Block as a new trace:

Add a Quasi Peak Detector for EMC Test

You then get a new trace which will be calculated according to the Quasi Peak Standard.

Dont forget to adjust the Charge and Discharge Filter Time according to the standard you want to use:

Adjust the Quasi Peak Detector Charge and Discharge Time

For example CISPR C (30 MHz – 300 MHz) and CISPR D (300 MHz – 1 GHz) would both need the Charge Filter to be set to 1ms (1.000µs) and Discharge Filter to 550ms.


Hi, could we measure peak instead of quasi-peak?

Peak is the default, yes.

Sorry, and how i can configure that? Wtha is the trace? Thanks you

Since its the default you dont need to configurae anything. All traces use "peak" as default.