RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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Amplifier selection | Amp and Preamp

In SPECTRAN V6 control ribbon, which is the expected usage of Amp selector:
I have a SPECTRAN V6 with internal amplifier
I also have en externa UBBV2 preamplifier.
Does selecting pre-Amp automatically connect internal preamplifier ?
Does selecting Amp automatically compensate External preamplifier ? isn't that already done in calibration ?
Which is the exact usage?

The Spectran V6 has up to two internal amplifiers, the one called „Amp” in the RTSA-Suite software is always available, the one called „Preamp” requires the purchase of the Spectran V6 Preamplifier option.
Any external amplifiers must be specified using the “Calibration” block.


The noise floor of V6 remains unchanged when the PRE is on and off.

Please compare the reference level settings while changing the amplifier status!
Turning on an AMP stage allows lower reference level settings, which significantly increases the SNR.

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