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FIXED: Wrong Marker Limit Calculation

Hi Aaronia team:

We are testing the brand new Spectran V6 with RTSA-Suite PRO
v1.5.152.8418 and have found a bug in the markers whenever we make a
spectrum sweep.

We measure in dBµV/m² , it seems to be related with the unit we use in
the spectrum chart.

We include a screen capture to illustrate the bug:

Our "Limits" line is defined by the E EN55011 Class B QP at 3m. That is
a line 40dBµV/m² up to 230MHz and 47dBµV/m² from 230MHz to 1GHz, as you
can see drawn in the chart.

But notice the marker in the picture now found at frequency 842,9MHz,
its measured power is 28,23dBµV/m², lower than the 47dBµV/m² limit, so
"Delta Limits" should read 47-28,23 = 18,77dB below the limits (in green
or white), but is instead shown as red 1,20dB that means over the
"Limits" line.

This is a very important bug when trying to print the results of a test
as the distance that is shown to the limits is completely out of reality.

Could this be fixed ?

Uploaded files:
  • ErrorInDeltaToLimit.png

Fixed with RTSA-Suite PRO v1.5.152.8777