RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.2

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Wrapped Spectrum Block

The Wrapped Spectrum block is another unique, copyrighted spectrum monitoring feature only available for the RTSA-Suite PRO and offers a super high spectrum resolution by "wrapping" the spectrum while using multiple rows:

Wrapped Spectrum Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra
  • Live


The Wrapped Spectrum block is the perfect choice to monitor a wide frequency range with super high resolution. A 4K screen will offer you a stunning 8x4k = 32k pixel resolution for the spectrum and a 8k monitor would even boost it to 64k!

The Wrapped Spectrum block offers many powerful adjustments to optimize the view to your needs e.g. the number of "wraps" are adjustable from 1 to 8, you can add a (optional) waterfall view incl. adjustable time compression (1 to 100k with different compression methods), a powerful marker handling, unlimited number of channel profiles (which you can select from our huge profile data base) etc. etc.

Wrapped Spectrum Block Settings


Wrapping the spectrum in 4 rows offers a 4 time higher resolution:

Wrapping the Spectrum for high Spectrum Monitoring Resolution


In addition you can add a waterfall view for a high resolution time domain overview:

High Time Domain Resolution for Spectrum Monitoring


Or why not add more wraps/rows for an even higher frequency and time domain higher resolution up to 32k with a 4k monitor?

Ultra high RF Monitoring Resolution


And finally add the frequency profiles to see what you are monitoring:

Frequency Monitoring at its best: Super High Frequency and Time Domain Resolution incl. Profiles/Provider View


Typical Mission:

Wrapped Spectrum Typical Mission


Check out our latest video demonstrating the Wrapped Spectrum usage:


The Wrapped Spectrum block now has a real-time Spectra output streaming a cursor selected area within the Wrapped Spectrum block.

This is a really cool feature offering an excellent spectrum monitoring at a totally new level since the selected area will offer you a higher spectral resolution:

Spectrum Monitoring


The attached screenshot shows how it works:

Select any area within the Wrapped Spectrum and see it live in higher resolution at the docked view(s) (in this case we have added a waterfall and spectrum view):

Spectrum Monitoring with ultra high resolution


This is the mission we used for the above screenshot:

Spectrum Monitoring Mission

Check out our latest video demonstrating the new Wrapped Spectrum zoom feature:

We have added a noise floor smoother to the Wrapped Spectrum block which you can adjust in the upper right corner of the controls from 0% to 100%   (20% is the default setup).


This feature allows a clearer wide band monitoring within the waterfall at high reference levels since the noise floor is not perfectly even in such setups.

It also compensates impedance load mismatches from antennas which cause an uneven noise floor.


With the help of the floor smoothing you can now tweak the noise floor until it perfectly fits and have full control over the waterfall color setup so you can see new signals popping up much better (but with slightly reduced sensitivity in some areas).


No floor smoothing at a high reference level looks like this:

Wide Band Monitoring without floor smoothing


High floor smoothing at a high reference level offers a perfect flat noise floor and a perfect waterfall color control:

Wide band RF Monitoring with perfect flat noise floor

The Wrapped Spectrum now includes a own ribbon bar for faster control of the main features:


Wrapped Spectrum Ribbon Bar


Wrapped Spectrum with Ribbon Bar


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