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Wondering about the Auto Rx Filter

Hi all. I was just hoping to get some information about the "Auto" option for "Rx Filter" in the Spectran V6 block.

I've been using this with a single input to Rx1 and the Sweep Zoom block to sweep from 400-800 MHz. In the waterfall spectrum produced, I'm seeing narrow bands of low power occurring at regular intervals of roughly 70 MHz. From what I understand, the Rx Filter is a bandpass filter, so I suspect that this is the cause. The effect is very subtle when looking at a plot of a single sweep of the full 400 MHz bandwidth, but becomes more noticeable in the waterfall spectrum or when a number of single sweeps are averaged since it's a trend rather than an acute occurrence.

My goal here is to see if there is some way to reduce this effect, or at least get some information about the Auto Rx Filter and how it works in the software so that I can understand it a little better.


Thanks! C.

The filter bank is internal so no further information on that but could you please show a screenshot?

Usually the spectrum should show no artefacts at all.