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Which CPU do i need for the SPECTRAN V6?

I am wondering which CPU i would need to use my SPECTRAN 500X?

This depends but the CPU/System needs to support OpenGL 3.3 or later:

An example from my desk: A low power Intel i7-7820HQ CPU @ 2,9GHz and NVIDIA GTX1070 with 5k resolution. The basic CPU load with Windows running on this system is around 3%.

While running the RTSA Suite PRO and streaming 92MHz I/Q incl. I/Q to SPECTRA conversion with a FFT of 2048 i will reach a overall CPU load of 13%, thats an extra 10% CPU load only.

If i switch to the highest datarate of 245MHz I/Q incl. SPECTRA conversion (a fully featured SPECTRAN V6 2000X) the overall CPU load reaches around 25%.

Attached is a picture of the overall CPU load from 92MHz to 245MHz IQ rate in 4 steps (depending on the used RTBW).

Overall even this low power CPU will leave you plenty of room for a lot of software decodings, 3D views etc. With a typical test and measurement setup i dare you could even reach 50% CPU load.

SPECTRAN V6 | CPU Load at different IQ rates


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