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Where can I get the "status.xml" file of IsoLOG 3D DF?

Hi Team,

"The IsoLOG 3D ARRAY is currently controlled by regular HTTP requests. Commands are transfered by requesting cgi-scripts with arguments, the current device state can be accessed by reading the "status.xml" file." and  "The status.xml file contains several fields describing the configuration of the connected IsoLOG model. These fields are static, their content might only change after a firmware update", according to the document "ISOLOG 3D API".

Where can I get the "status.xml" file?

From the antenna itself, e.g. if the antenna is using IP address and is connected to the same network as your PC.

Note that your documentation seems to refer to old IsoLOG versions, newer variants use a different protocol that does not have a status.xml (but info.xml serving a similar purpose).

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Thank you for your reply soon.