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The Waterfall block (Spectrogram) shows the frequency spectrum over time:

Waterfall (Spectrogram)

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra

Right hand side Output:

  • Spectra (time compressed)


The Waterfall block offers a lot of powerful adjustments to optimize the view for your needs e.g. an adjustable time compression (1 to 100k with different compression methods), full color control, a powerful multi marker/area measurement tool, zoom and pan, condition, power and/or frequency spectrum view (based on selected marker), frequency or provider display and a lot more:

Waterfall (Spectrogram) Block Settings

A typical Waterfall view (GSM/4G Monitoring):

Waterfall View Wide Band Monitoring Screenshot

Powerful marker feature with high frequency and time domain resolution, zoom and pan:

Waterfall View Powerfull Marker Feature Screenshot

Powerful multi marker feature:

Waterfall View Powerfull Multi Marker Feature

A typical mission:

Waterfall Block Typical Mission