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VSG and VSA unable to operate at the same time


Currently the module that I have is x1 TX port and x2 RX port as below. I notice the module at one time can work at either SG or RX.


  1. If Tx Mode set as Off, the RX1 is working.
  2. If Tx Mode set to Signal Generator, TX port work as expected, but at this point, RX1 become not working.
  3. If Tx Mode set as Off again, the RX1 back to working.

Is that expected? At one time only one port (either Tx or Rx port) is working? Can both Tx and Rx port work at the same time (together)?

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If you want to use the TX Signal Generator mode together with RX both DATA and BOOST need to be used. When only DATA is connected then enabling Signal Generator mode will implicitly disable the RX path due to lack of USB bandwidth.

This restriction does not apply to Pattern Generator mode, but that will impose limits on the TX pattern that can be generated.