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View imported traces without having to connect and run Spectran V6


Block: Wrapped spectrum

During work hours, I measure RF exposure at several locations and save each trace (max hold) as a csv-file. One for each location.

I’d like the possibility to «Import as reference» and have the traces displayed without the need for having the Spectran V6 connected and running. As it is now, the saved traces do import because they appear in the legend box, but the traces themselves do not display unless you connect and run the Spectran V6. It’s enough to run it for 0,5 sec., then stop and disconnect.

Hope you can add this functionality. It’s convenient to be able to import, compare and analyze saved traces anywhere and anytime without the need for conneting the Spectran V6 to do so.


As a workaround, you probably don't strictly need a V6, but just an input source for the view to adjust the frequency range of the view as needed. This can be a V6, but could also be a FileReader or an IQ Signal Generator block.