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V6 direct I/Q stream


I have read that V6 has the possibility to stream I/Q data through the USB 3.0 port.

  • Will there be the possibility to record I/Q data without first storing spectrum data?
  • Will it maybe a possibility given by the V6 block?

(I'm sorry the block is not included in the demo so I cannot know if it will have an I/Q output)

Hi Lorenzo,

The Spectran V6 provides IQ data directly. It also provides spectrum data, by calculating internally the FFT of the IQ data (see attachment). Also have a look at the function diagram of the Spectran V6  https://v6-forum.aaronia.de/forum/topic/spectran-v6-function-diagram-x-and-oem-version/

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  • Spectran-V6-block.png