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V6 direct I/Q stream


I have read that V6 has the possibility to stream I/Q data through the USB 3.0 port.

  • Will there be the possibility to record I/Q data without first storing spectrum data?
  • Will it maybe a possibility given by the V6 block?

(I'm sorry the block is not included in the demo so I cannot know if it will have an I/Q output)

Hi Lorenzo,

The Spectran V6 provides IQ data directly. It also provides spectrum data, by calculating internally the FFT of the IQ data (see attachment). Also have a look at the function diagram of the Spectran V6

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  • Spectran-V6-block.png
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Lorenzo Vezzini

Thank you, now that I see the Block i understand reception of IQ data. What about the opposite operation? Having IQ data stored in the computer and wanting to send them through the air using the V6: is it possible? Maybe using the "File Reader" block?

Yes no problem if you have a Tx license. In that case you can stream I/Q data to the V6 (up to 120MHz) with the help of the IQ Signal Generator block or the File Reader.

The simplest missions would look like attached.

Please note that the IQ Signal Generator block already offers a lot of signal standards e.g. AM, FM, Pulse, Sweep, PPSK, QAM etc.

BTW: You can stream to the Tx and receive from any Rx at the same time.


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  • SPECTRAN-V6-IQ-Signal-Generator-Setup.jpg
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Lorenzo Vezzini

Thanks! So a RF record and playback operation would look like the one below.

You said Tx license. So I would need:

  • V6
  • Tx License
  • RTSA

Anything else?



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Your docking settup is not quite correct (see attached layout) since you cant add a transmitter antenna to the Spectran V6 block but yes thats all you need. A SPECTRAN V6 RSA-500X or RSA-2000X inludes it all:

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