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Utilization Block Scale

Is there a way to increase the scale for "Utilization Ratio By Frequency", in the utilization block, to show more than just 50%? When troubleshooting WiFi it common to see channel utilization around 50% with no major user impact. When it get up around 80% sustained is what I want to be able to see.

Screenshot of utilization scale

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You do see 100% since this is a log scale. You can use the mouse wheel to adjust this scale e.g. zoom in and move the scale to only show 50-100%.

In addition you can simply adjust the colors (which represents the utilization) to pop up the colors for the 50-100% range (activate the color setting under View -> Color Palette).

The following demo is quite nice to test the block e.g. change the QAM Pattern Type from repeated to random and you will see the utilization dropping.

Channel Utilization Setup

I wasn't aware that you could zoom in on the scale. Thanks this helps.