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Using the Tx | Example Missions, Manual & Demodata

Attached ZIP package includes various sample missions and a PDF documentation on how to properly use the Tx.

Please note that we have made changes to optimize the handling, so please use BUILD v2.2.0.11061 or higher from now on.

Have fun!


Example screenshot of an included two SPECTRAN test mission to test your PC performance and USB throughput via the Tx:

Example Screenshot

Uploaded files:

The Instruction-PDF only.

Uploaded files:

Hi Admin,

I have used the above zip to load the mission "DirectSignalGeneratorOneV6.rmix" and I am seeing Stream underflow and overflow. Spurs are observed in the standalone Spectrum Analyzer (KS).

I have attached the images and mission.

Decreasing the sample rate from 92.16 MHz to 1/16 of 92.16 MHz is just delaying the underflow.

Please help here to find out the problem.

Uploaded files:

Your RTSA software is too old.

Please update to the latest version which should be available within the next hours.