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Using Spectran VSG 120X V6 signal generator for 256 QAM WiFi

Regarding using the Spectran VSG120X to generate amplified WiFi signal.

What blocks should be used and in which order?

Should the variables (Signal power/ Modulation: 256-QAM is required/ Bandwidth/ etc...) be controlled in the IQ Signal Generator Block or Spectran V6 Block?

Please share any useful information regarding this setup.


Yes, the IQ Signal Generator block should be what you are looking for but please note that you need a license to generate QAMs bigger than 16QAM.

Check the forum for missions etc. there are plenty of examples how to use it e.g.

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Thank you for the helpful information.

I have attached the mission I am working on to be able to transmit a 2.4 GHz signal.

How to add the 256QAM modulation to the signal? specially if I am running a sweep for multiple channels at the same time?

And which of those power adjusters should be used to control the transmitted signal power?


Thank you


Uploaded files:

FYI. The required license has been obtained.


TX running in Stream mode keeps shifting between yellow and green. When I uncheck "Adapt time offset" and decrease it to the lowest value (-200ms) it seems to minimize the shift in color switching, but it does not solve it.

(The TX bar at the top, under Spectran V6)

Please see below a screenshot of the mission I am working on currently.

Screenshot of mission to transmit a 2.4GHz OFDM 256QAM (Time offset -200ms)