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Using API to scan frequencies under 75MHz in sweep mode

Hello, we are trying to scan frequencies under 75Mhz (Ie 30Mhz) using the API (DLL) but it keeps returning empty packets, we have discarded a configuration issue because when setting it to 75Mhz we are obtaining filled packets with values.

Seems the 75Mhz it's the default lower frecuency limit but also seems that it's possible to set up the device to sweep from a lower frecuency at the RTSA suite. It's possible to perform this from the API ? If yes, can you provide an example ?

Thank you very much in advance.

yours Miguel.

You need to switch off the automatic preselector within the SPECTRAN V6 block to go below 75MHz. Please have a look to the setup in this missions:

Low Frequency Sweep

Preselector Deactivation

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Thank you,

Is possible to turn off this automatic preselector just using the API (the DLL) ?

thank you very much for the fast answering. We really appreciate it.

The filter config has to be set to "Auto Extended" to allow for use outside of the supported filter range:

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"calibration/rffilter") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetString(&d, &config, L"Auto Extended");


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