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USB Connection Problem

Hello, since the beginning we have a problem with the unreliable connection of the Spectran V6 via USB to the laptop. In some cases it takes up to 20 minutes for the SV6 to connect.Sometimes it connects immediately. Do you know when the problem could be?

The SPECTRAN V6 offers a "hot swap" USB so you should never have such problems. Some ideas:

  • First of all use the latest software, that might be an issue
  • Check your USB ports. Do they really offer USB 3.0?
  • Check the USB cable(s). Damaged or faulty USB cable can produce a lot of problems.
  • Check the used hardware. Is it capable of running your mission.
  • Finally try an other PC just to see if the problem is mainly caused by your laptop.

Yes, the software is the current version.

The ports are really 3.0. Once the SV6 is connected the various tasks work well.

We've tried the cables. Same types. No result.

Used hardware is OK. Once the SV6 first connects the various missions work ok.


How many USB cables are connected ?

1 x data to USB 3.0

1x power from powerbank

Try without powerbank and use another PC with power coming from the PC (via USB) just to see if this might solve the problem.

I have already tried it without the power bank. It's the same.I'll try with another PC



Unfortunately, the problem persists. This is the first launch. Repeated starts afterwards work. We are wasting too much time curing this problem. We probably have no choice but to send the unit to you under warranty for replacement or rectification of the fault.


Sure no problem. We'll take a look at it.

Please contact your distributor or our sales team (if it was a direct purchase) to get the RMA.