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SPECTRAN V6 USB Connection / 1, 2 or 3 USB cables needed?

I want to order a SPECTRAN RSA-500X and am wondering if i need multiple USB connections/cables


It depends on the mode (I/Q vs SPECTRA) and the used RTBW.

I/Q Streaming:

The SPECTRAN V6 RSA-X can transfer around 120MHz of true I/Q data via USB so 80MHz RTBW and 120MHz RTBW only need one USB (USB Data port).

As soon as you want to use a higher RTBW you need to use an additional USB connection (USB Boost port). 2 USB will also cover the maximum RTBW of 245MHz.

SPECTRA Streaming:

Using SPECTRA instead of I/Q will highly reduce the data rate needed and even 245MHz RTBW would be covered by a single USB.


You also need to think about power. The SPECTRAN V6 RSA PLUS power consumption is around 10-14W so you must have a USB 3.1 if you want to use a singe USB connection. The USB 3.1 will offer the needed power AND the data rate for up to 120MHz of I/Q or 245MHz of SPECTRA data.

In all other cases you need to use an additional USB connection for power only (a USB power supply with cabling is included in delivery)