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Ultra small RBW down to 1mHz | -200dBm DANL | 1 Million FFTs (needs 1 Million FFT key)

Attached mission (Small-RBW-zip) offers a super small 235mHz RBW with over 1 Million FFTs (just adjusting the SPAN and FFT size) but still runs with an update rate of 17 full measurements/s by using a 99% FFT overlaping!

Super low RBW & ultra high FFT


Without any software key the smallest regular RBW is 8Hz (1/512 SPAN with 32k FFT). With 128FFT option you can use a RBW down to 2 Hz (1/512 SPAN with 128k FFT).


In addition you can add the IQ Demodulator to reduce the RBW again. Use the "Ultra Small" mission (default setup is 10mHz) offering a -190dBm DANL but note that the spectrum needs some time to be generated since the RBW is so low. You can go down to 1mHz offering -200dBm DANL but this will be even more time consuming.

10mHz RBW


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