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UCB-C Power To Pigtail Cable

It would be very nice (maybe I missed it) to have a USB-C power cable that terminates into plain wires, for connection to any power source.  This would be a nice feature of integrating the OEM version.

A lot of those are on the market but limited to 5V since USB needs some intelligence for higher voltages:

So, is the SpectranV6 using the default (5V @ 1A) or one of the other "profiles"?

What would Aaronia recommend when embedding the OEM version into a "closed" design?  Possibly design a power supply circuit using a device like the TPS65982?

USB C standard is 5V with max 3A so a total 15W.

The SPECTRAN V6 follows the PD USB standards.

You can use any USB PD compatible circuit to drive the SPECTRAN V6.


Quote from CorNic East on 09/05/2022, 20:36

So, is the SpectranV6 using the default (5V @ 1A) or one of the other "profiles"?

For full functionality you need to provide USB-PD 3.0 9V @ 3A.

I will add this to the hardware request section, but wanted to state it on this thread;

It would be good for the OEM version of the V6 (and above) to get power from a brick, making it even easier to integrate.  I would recommend to implement a locking type of connector.  It's a waste of a USB-C port to simply tap power from, and generally not as robust/clean.