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UBBV-0910 etc amplifiers with reversed SMA connectors

Would it be possible in the future for Aaronia to produce the above 0910 external amplifier with the correct male/female SMA combination so that it connects directly to your Hyperlog antennas without needing two extra adaptors?  (Without the extra adapters it can't be fitted as designed, which means the fins of the hyperlog antenna do not fit within the slots of the amplifier and thus do not support the weight, causing the sma-connector combination with adaptor to bend very worrying under the strain.  (UBBV-0910 with 4060 antenna).


Yes use our HyperLOG X series. Those are made for adding our battery powered amplifiers directly to the output connector.

The reason I didn't choose the X version of the hyperlog 4060 is because the UBB0910 is a much more capable amp for the purposes I need it for, whereas the X series do not seem to ship with the UBBV0910 amp, which is a pity.

The HyperLOG does not support the frequency range of the 0910 preamp, this would make no sense at all thats we we include optimized preamps to the HyperLOG X series.