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Turning the device on and off

Good morning

For our proyect we need to how operates the following API (.dll) functions:

AARTSAAPI_ConnectDevice(AARTSAAPI_Device * dhandle)
AARTSAAPI_DisconnectDevice(AARTSAAPI_Device * dhandle)
AARTSAAPI_StartDevice(AARTSAAPI_Device * dhandle)
AARTSAAPI_StopDevice(AARTSAAPI_Device * dhandle)

We are especially interested in knowing what happens internally in the device and if either of the two functions stops the FPGA. IE. If we use StopDevice, it efectively stops the signal processing or it just stops processing for our application but it stills processing signals for another potential applications consuming the .DLL?

Thank you in advance.

Control by the dll is exclusive, so if you call start or stop you are controlling the physical device. If you need to share it, you have to provide your own arbitration layer.

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First thanks forthe fast answer , I really appreciate it.

Great because it's exactly what we want, the exclusive control of the device.

Just to confirm it, when calling the stopDevice,  it effectively stops processing any incomming signal?

It would be also helpful a description or a link where I can find the description on the LED's color code  (DATA & POWER entries) Meaning of white, meaning of Blue and meaning of Green.


Here is the requested information of Spectran V6 USB LED color codes:

LED of DATA or BOOST = white => device is in standby

LED of DATA or BOOST = green => device is ready

LED of DATA or BOOST = blue => device is streaming data over USB

LED of DATA or POWER = red => power not good

LED of DATA or POWER = green  => power good, device ready

LED of POWER = white => device is negotiating power with power supply

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