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Trigger Mask for IQ Data

Attached mission will offer a mask trigger on IQ data:

IQ Trigger Mask Mission


The IQ Signal Generator block is only used for demo purpose. You can swap it by your SPECTRAN V6 block.

The first IQ Power Spectrum block converts the IQ stream to Spectra which are feed to the Spectrum Condition block which handles the Mask Trigger.

The Event flags from the Spectrum Condition block are fed to the Binary IQ Arithmetik and IQ Condition blocks.

Using those logics we now only get the triggered IQ from the Filtered output of the IQ Condition block.

Those triggered IQ data then can be saved to disk or send via HTTP to further processing.

For demo purpose we simply added another IQ Power Spectrum block to vizualize the IQ data.


After starting the mission you should get the following screen and check out the video at 

IQ Trigger Mask

Uploaded files: