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Trasnmitting signal from the Spectran V6 (streamed from IQ Signal Generator Block) TX Mode stream YELLOW


When I transmit a signal from the Spectran V6 Signal generator streamed from an IQ signal generator block (TX Mode: Stream) I am receiving the correct output (measured on a spectrum analyzer measuring the signal transmitted from the transmitting antenna) but the TX mode bar is yellow and it stays on yellow!

Is that a problem? or Can I proceed with this even if the TX block stays yellow?

Could it damage the Signal generator equipment?


-keep in mind I am using a relatively powerful computer, so this should not be the issue! If it is an issue for the TX Mode bar to stay yellow please include other suggestions as well!



Hover over the yellow Tx with the mouse and read/check the debug information...

Well! Are there any issue with proceeding with the same setup? Even if the TX bar stays yellow? (As long as I receive the required output)

No if it comes to hardware damage but check the cause of the problem to solve it.

In any case a yellow Tx will produce no usefull signal.

Alright! Thank you.

I would assume that the equipment will still transmit the configured signal and signal power in this case, without any issues!

In some cases the USB hardware on the PC might not offer full USB speed.

Since it is crucial for the Tx to have full USB speed you can tweek the data rate a bit by setting the SPECTRAN V6 Board Config -> USB Compression to "Compressed":

Compress USB Stream


Attached test mission uses the compression function and generates via Tx a simple -30dBm CW from the IQ Signal generator and monitors Rx1. If you connect a cable from Tx to Rx1 you should get the following readings/graphs (Rx1 and Tx should be green all the time):

Sending IQ data from Tx to Rx1

Uploaded files:


I was having the same issue with Tx being yellow due to "Input Overflows." I tried the Tx missions found here but had the same issue.

I downloaded and ran this mission and it worked right out of the box! I wanted to test the limits of my system so I changed the IQ rate to 122 MHz and full span - It still worked beautifully. For my case I didn't care about the Rx, so I changed Rx from "Rx1" to "Off". At that point I began to get Tx Overflow warnings again.

I've tried other of the earlier mentioned missions and the same result. If Rx was set to "Rx1," then no transmit warnings; but if Rx was set to "Off" I got Tx Overflows.

Is this expected behavior, or do I have something misconfigured? I'm using RTSA-Suite Pro v2.5, build 1.14350.

Below are screenshots of the system working at 122 MHz full span with Rx1 on, and one of Tx overflows at 122 MHz full span with Rx Off (both using the Basic-Tx-Test mission). The "Off" Image was taken after the "Rx1" image, and you can see the jump in the input buffer. I've left both scenarios run for 10 minutes and no change in behavior.

Thank you!

Rx1 On:

Rx Off:


Uploaded files:
  • Basic_Tx_Rx1.jpg
  • Basic_Tx_RxOff.jpg

Interesting. Might be the timing since its quite different between Rx & Tx (e.g. the time stamp handling). For now: Simply keep the Rx activated.

Working on it.