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Trasnmitting signal from the Spectran V6 (streamed from IQ Signal Generator Block) TX Mode stream YELLOW!!


When I transmit a signal from the Spectran V6 Signal generator streamed from an IQ signal generator block (TX Mode: Stream) I am receiving the correct output (measured on a spectrum analyzer measuring the signal transmitted from the transmitting antenna) but the TX mode bar is yellow and it stays on yellow!

Is that a problem? or Can I proceed with this even if the TX block stays yellow?

Could it damage the Signal generator equipment?


-keep in mind I am using a relatively powerful computer, so this should not be the issue! If it is an issue for the TX Mode bar to stay yellow please include other suggestions as well!



Hover over the yellow Tx with the mouse and read/check the debug information...

Well! Are there any issue with proceeding with the same setup? Even if the TX bar stays yellow? (As long as I receive the required output)

No if it comes to hardware damage but check the cause of the problem to solve it.

Alright! Thank you.

I would assume that the equipment will still transmit the configured signal and signal power in this case, without any issues!