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IMPLEMENTED: Time-gated trigger for TDD networks

I noticed that R&S PR200 includes time domain analysis with gated measurement for easy analysis and hunting of  interference in TDD networks.
I am sure that Spectran V6,real-time spectrum analyer, and RTSA_Suite PRO , the software, can implement this feature which is something like R&S PR200. Could you please advise me?
Time-gated trigger for TDD networks

Although the super low POI of the SPECTRAN V6 and the advanced real-time 2D and 3D waterfall of the RTSA-Suite PRO software (offering a pan and zoom down to sample resolution) should show such interfering signals much better we will add this feature soon.

Have a look at the 3D Waterfall Zoom with ultra high Time Domain resolution posting for RADAR bursts to see the advantages we have against an "old fashion" gated measurement.

In addition our Pulsed Waterfall should be something you should look at since it should offer an even better full picture of interfering signals within the time domain.

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Implemented. Please have a look at Gated Measurement