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The V6 device has a strange signal spectrum

When  we are test the V6 250x and 500X real-time spectrometer, we found that the RX interface is not connected to any antenna equipment. When our hand is close to the ground or shell of the RX interface, we will receive the WiFi signal at 2.4GHz. When testing the V6 250x, When the amp is both, There will be an inexplicable signal spectrum at the center frequency of 630MHz. When no antenna is connected, Please analyze the specific causes and treatment methods.

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What do you expect in this invironment if you activate both amplifier and have no load at the SMA input?

With such a setup you will receive any signal around. 630MHz looks like a TV broadcast but it could also be the laptop screens, electronics or what so ever on your crowded desk. Change the location and for sure you will catch up an other signal...

It might also be a problem with the power coming from the laptop? Try an external USB power supply. Just some ideas...

I tried to change a place and use a power adapter, The above phenomenon is  still exists. I switched to an SMA-SMA connector,  The phenomenon is changed. Please see the attached photos below, but There is a signal crest at the center frequency. I think this phenomenon is the reason why the connector and shell of PCB are not well grounded.

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