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The maximum bandwidth of IQ with SDK

What is the maximum bandwidth of IQ continuous acquisition through SDK program with one SPECTRAN V6-250X? Can it be up to 80MHz?

Why should there be a limitation ?

Quote from AdminTC on 12/07/2022, 13:45

Why should there be a limitation ?

Do you mean it is no any limitation?

There is no special limitation in the SDK, just the same restrictions that apply when using the RTSA.

So, can I use the following SDK to capture the raw IQ stream data up to 80MHz Bandwidth without any missing data?

"if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"main/decimation") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetString(&d, &config, L"1 / 64");"

Not when using that 1/64 Span factor obviously. If you want the full bandwidth you'll have to use the Full span setting.

But when using the Full span setting , it will be missing data. Lower the bandwidth  e.g. use a SPAN of  1/4 is okay without missing data. What should I set Span factor  to capture the raw IQ stream data up to 80MHz bandwidth without any missing data?

Check your code and hardware.

Should work without problems since a lot of customer are using it at at full rate.