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Sweep over 802.11 (with modulation) - HELP NEEDED!!

I am generating an 802.11 ac: OFDM QAM256 5 GHz (5.180-5.825) signal. And a SWEEP over this range 5.180-5.825 GHz is required to cover the 5 GHz channels to simulate devices operating in the frequency range/signal power/modulation related to 802.11ac.



Attached is a picture of the mission utilized to generate this signal/sweep.
Signal Generators are used in the IQ signal generator block, one for the OFDM QAM256 and second for the sweep. (Both have same Signal power)



Is this the correct setup? Are there any extra steps to ensure that signal modulation is transmitted with the sweep?


Please let me know if there is anything to consider in my setup.

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You must additionally use the V6 SWEEP GENERATOR so that the generated signal can be shifted.

The following screenshot shows a VSG for generating the sweep signal and a V6 for checking the result.

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