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SOLVED: Sweep continues even when not sweeping

RTSA will continue to sweep even when a center frequency has been chosen.


  • I'm generating a -40dBm CW signal at 1GHz with an external signal generator

To reproduce:

  1. Load RTSA
  2. Load DefaultSweepMission_v2.0
  3. Hit Start
  4. Change center frequency to 1GHz. Everything is as expected so far.
  5. Click blockgraph editor
  6. Delete Wrapped Spectrum & Sweep Zoom blocks
  7. Add IQ Demodulator block and link it to SPECTRAN IQStream1
  8. Note the frequency is still sweeping (as seen by the IQ Demodulator window)
  9. Set center frequency to 1GHz
  10. Note the frequency is still sweeping

Pause and restart seems to be the only way to reset this behavior.

Thanks for the feedback, we are working on it.

Now stopping the sweep when disconnecting all output blocks from V6.

Fixed with build >= 10485.