RTSA Suite PRO Release v2.1

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Stream Merger Block

The Stream Merger block is another quite simple but very useful block:

Stream Merger Block

Left hand side input:

  • In (up to 16 streams of any data type)

Right hand side output:

  • Mux (combined stream)

You can dock up to 16 streams (any data type e.g. I/Q, SPECTRA, Video, JAVA etc.). Those streams will be combined to a single stream. The main purpose of this block is to save connection space within the block graph editor. This is of great help to clean up very complex setups with a high number of streams that might even cross each other and make the block graph hard readable. There is no setup needed:

Stream Merger Block: No Setup needed

Typical Missions:

Stream Merger typical mission

Drone Detection Software Mission Setup