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Stream Debugger

The Stream Debugger block is of great help to analyze the data stream/flow in real-time between blocks inside the RTSA-Suite PRO software:

Stream Debugger Block

Left hand side input:

  • Stream (up to 4 different streams)

Right hand side output:

  • Stream (stream 1 to 4 passthrough)

The Stream Debugger block works similar to the Data Table block but accepts any data/stream type and shows all data within the stream so it is much more advanced compared to the Data Table block. It can handle up to 4 different streams at the same time. No settings are needed within the block.


This example screenshot shows that you can see all data from the stream incl. time stamp, flaggs, units etc. in real-time:

USB Spectrum Analyzer Stream Debugging Detailed Data Table View


Multiple streams will be shown in different row colors. This example shows two different streams with a sample size of 32 and 1024 (easy to seperate by the color):

USB Data Stream Debugging



Typical Mission setups:

Stream Debugger Block Typical Missions


We have added some self explaining controls to the Stream Debugger block:


New Controls for the Stream Debugger Block

We now offer 9 digits instead of 6 digits time resolution and corrected the wrong spelled "dBm" unit 🙂

Higher Time Resolution

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