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Spectrum Block

The Spectrum block shows the power over frequency spectrum with different trace types and can handle up two different sources (e.g. Rx1 & Rx2)

Spectrum Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra 1
  • Spectra 2


The Spectrum block offers a nearly endless setup and measurement configuration menu

for a perfect measurement and a fantastic spectrum view.

Spectrum View with Endless Setup Posibilities


Here is an example of what it can do:

  • Handle over 20 different trace types (e.g. quasi peak, period buffer, max fall, outline, pulsed shape)
  • Add up to 200 Markers
  • Powerful multi-marker measurement layout and tools
  • Powerful reference trace (trace copy) handling
  • Trace import and export
  • Multi input handling (show two different sources at the same time)
  • Real-Time spectrum zoom feature
  • Deep memory FFT support with up to 1 Million bins resolution (offering a super high resolution spectrum with "endless" zoom)


Because the list of feature is almost endless its better to show you the power of this block based on some screenshots.


A typical spectrum view with some markers. This is how it should be: A clear but fully flexible layout and all information you need at a glance:

A typical Spectrum measurement with clear marker handling and display


A super high resolution RF spectrum: Our Spectrum block can hold over 1 Million points so you can zoom in and see details like you've never seen before e.g. this is a 100kHz zoom from a 250MHz RTBW live spectrum (see

RF Spectrum view with over 1 Million points resolution


Need more markers for Bluetooth measurements? No problem, with the Spectrum block its possible:

Bluetooth Spectrum with 38 Marker


Or how about a LTE Quasi Peak (QPeak) measurement?

LTE QuasiPeak (QPaek) Measurement


Or how about comparing the two different Rx input signals?

Comparing two different Spectrum Sources (Rx1 vs Rx2)


Typical Missions:

Spectrum Monitoring Typical Missions