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Spectrum Sweep

The Spectrum Sweep block offers a very fast and powerful sweep over the full frequency range of the connected device:

Spectrum Sweep Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra

Right hand side Output:

  • Chain
  • Sweep
  • Live

Note: When using a Spectran V6 the Spectran V6 Zoom block is usually the better alternative.

The Spectrum Sweep Settings offer  full control over the sweep. Adding the Live output to a graph (e.g. Spectrum or Wrapped Spectrum block)  offers a cursor display which is useful for slow sweeps (e.g. very low RBWs).

You can adjust the Start Frequency and Stop Frequency (max 75MHz to 6GHz), the Bin Mode (Size, Count) and the corresponding value, the Scale (linear or logarithmic), Hold Duration, Sample Duration, Aggregate Sweep (wait till the sweep in finished for a new trace refresh), Overlap Handling (latest, max, min, average, floor, range), Resample Mode (Power, Max, Min) and the Overlap percentage.

In addition you could also select the frequency range for the sweep from the profiles editor. A new entry is the Floor Smoothing (0-100%) which allows you to smooth the noise floor and finally the Sweep RTBW & Sweep Bins (Both entry's are only used for the older SPECTRAN V5 units).

Same for the Sweep Mode (Forward, Backward, Random, Randomized Forward, Randomized Backward, Hardware). It needs to be set to "Hardware" for SPECTRAN V6 units.


Since the configuration can get quite complex, simply leave all settings as shown below to run a SPECTRAN V6 unit:

Spectrum Sweep Block Setups


A typical sweep might look like attached:

SPECTRAN V6 offers a Ultra Fast Sweep Speed


Typical Missions:

Spectrum Sweep Typical Missions

How can the scanning range of V6 devices be scanned from 10MHz?

Please check the forum first. We have an example mission doing the job.