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Spectrum Multi Notch Filter

The Spectrum Multi Notch Filter block allows you to remove or to reduce single or multiple signals from the spectrum.

Spectrum Multi Notch Filter

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra

Right hand side Output:

  • Spectra (filtered)


This block allows a lot of features to remove any unwanted signal from the spectrum:

  • Remove a Single signal
  • Remove Multiple signals
  • Remove Harmonics
  • Remove Intermodulations


The settings are quite simple. Select the signal type to remove or to reduce in power (Single, Multiple, Harmonics, Intermodulation) and set the needed parameters:

  • Frequency (the frequency of the signal to remove or the base frequency of the Harmonics/Intermodulation)
  • Power (In dB to be removed from the signal peak)
  • Harmonic Frequency (The frequency step between the Intermodulation's)
  • Notch Frequency (the width/span of the signal to be removed)


Notch Filter Setup


Attached screenshot shows a 40dB reduction of some intermodulation products.

The Spectrum Multi Notch Filter block includes a real-time preview feature showing the original signal in yellow and the reduced/removed signal in dark blue:

Reducing Harmonics within the Spectrum by 40dB


The same setup but now removing all intermodulation's in total:

Removing all Hermonics from the RF Spectrum


Some typical missions might look like attached:

Typical Mission to removing Harmonics


Even cascading the Spectrum Multi Notch Filter is possible:

Even cascading the Harmonics filter is possible


Or how about a comparison between different setups?

Comparing Different Notch Filter Setups