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Spectrum Condition (Trigger)

The Spectrum Condition block allows you to trigger on masks and/or spectral density and also includes logical data processing:

Spectrum Condition Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra

Right hand side Output:

  • Spectra
  • Filtered (Spectra)


With the Spectrum Condition block you have endless possibilities to trigger on any event within a spectra stream.

With the help of the time compression you can generate a max hold from the spectra stream. This can be used to generate a trigger mask over a long time periode.

Under "Condition" within the setup you can set the logic processing: Channel (C0 to C3), Operation (Set, Set Not, Or, Or Not, And, And Not), Hold (no of samples), Ignore (no of samples). In addition you can select the spectral density level(s): Min Inside (spectral density in %), Max Inside (spectral density in %). In most cases simply leave it "as is" and just select a trigger mask:

"Frequency Mask" creates a single or multiple trigger mask(s). Within the hamburger menu you can select from "Add Mask", "Build Mask from Data", "Export Masks", "Import Masks" and "Remove all Masks". The trigger mask will show up as an "Area" which you can rename, edit or drag/move within the graph.

You might also want to edit the mask data within the mask data table up to your needs:

Spectrum Condition Trigger Settings


Per default the triggered data in real-time is shown in yellow traces while non triggered data is shown in blue

A triggered WiFi burst


You can compare the triggered and non triggered data in real-time by simple adding a spectrum view to the Spectra and Filtered block output:

Spectrum Condition Block multiple Trigger Outputs


Typical Mission:

Spectrum Trigger | A typical Mission


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