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SpectranV6 Power Supply

It would be good for the OEM version of the V6 (and above) to get power from a brick, making it even easier to integrate.  I would recommend to implement a locking type of connector.

Impossible: No space and to much work (HW & SW).

USB PD works perfect and is much more secure and flexible plus we have mounting screws so I don't see what a different supply type can offer what USB PD can't do better...

When integrating boxes into boxes, it is much better to be powered from simple AC or DC.  When I go to potentially integrate your OEM version into our higher-level system, it will be in a (system specific) rack mounted enclosure.  Granted I can power this unit off the controller, and maybe even the best solution especially if you utilize the USB-C for data IO in the future, but a simple two-wire power input is always best.  USB powered devices are better left to commercial toys rather than professional (high-end, integrate-able) system components, but again I emphasize that if you double duty the (USB-C) power/data cable then it becomes transparent.

Just my thoughts.


But that's exactly what USB offers. Use the 5V and it works as wanted:

Simple USB Power Cable

Wait, so you are suggesting that the unit can be powered via the USB-C connector to +5VDC?  I thought that in my previous post it was stated from mm_dev ...

For full functionality you need to provide USB-PD 3.0 9V @ 3A.

If the unit can indeed be powered via the USB-C to +5VDC, and get full functionality, then this would work.

Please advise.

Yes, up to 15W are no problem with 5V.

I want to get this topic concluded and help with guidance for all others that may look to this post (and my previous @ UCB-C Power To Pigtail Cable – Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 Support Forum) that one can indeed power the unit via the USB-C  Power connector, using a pig-tail cable to +5V.  HOWEVER, I do not believe that the unit will operate in it's full transmit/receive mode due to the need for higher powers required to operate in transmit mode.

If I am incorrect here then please state as this is potentially important to integrators of the OEM version.

The SPECTRAN USB power input is designed to handle up to 25W with 5V.

The USB standard is limited to 15W with 5V which is possible with one of those special open end cables (as posted above) but make sure they have the two resistors integrated to tell the SPECTRAN that they can handle those 3A.

If you are in need of more power via 5V we offer a special version of the SPECTRAN OEM bypassing the internal USB 15W limiter. In this case you can use 25W (5V/5A).

Some furter information on how to use 5V with USB are found at