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SPECTRAN V6 RSA X | Compact USB Real Time Spectrum Analyzer

The first SPECTRAN V6 to hit the market will be the compact RSA "X" and RSA "OEM" (USB version). Multiple other form factors will follow.

The SPECTRAN® V6 RSA X/OEM is the world's first and only 6GHz USB spectrum analyzer with DUAL USB True I/Q streaming of up to 245MHz (IQ rate) real-time bandwidth. It offers an extremely small POI (Probability Of Intercept) of up to 10ns and thus captures even shortest signals. Furthermore, the SPECTRAN V6 RSA X/OEM integrates a vector signal-generator/tracking-generator with a modulation bandwidth of up to 120MHz.


  • Frequency range: 10MHz to 6GHz
  • Several devices cascadable/stitchable to expand the RTBW
  • Unlimited continuous 245MHz true I/Q streaming via 2 x USB 3.0
  • Dual receiver real-time bandwidth of 245MHz (2x245MHz IQ) each
  • Sweeps 6GHz in less than 5mS (>1THz/s)
  • Parallel measurement of several frequency bands
  • World's first and only Dual USB true I/Q streaming up to 784MBytes/s (via 2xUSB 3.0)
  • I/Q vector signal generator bandwidth of up to 120MHz (seamless streaming)
  • POI down to 98ns (FFT based)
  • POI down to 10ns (I/Q based)
  • Exceptional dynamic range through the use of a 16-bit ADC with 2GSPS
  • Sample rate: 500 MSPS (16 Bit Dual 256 MSPS I/Q-Data)
  • FPGA: 930GMAC/s
  • FFT rate: 960 million FFT points/s (120 million FFTs/s)
  • Stackable accessories
  • Light and compact
  • Including the powerfull RTSA-Suite PRO software with daily updates
  • Made in Germany

Hardware Options / Extensions

  • OCXO time base - 5 ppb with extremely high shock and vibration resistance (±0.1ppb/g)
  • 120MHz RTBW ( for V6-RSA250X & V6-RSA500X )
  • 160MHz RTBW ( for V6-RSA500X)
  • 245 MHz RTBW (for V6-RSA500X & V6-RSA2000X)
  • Low-noise preamplifier (additional 20dB gain)
  • Internal GPS (Includes spoofing detection and active GPS antenna with SMB cable)
  • Memory expansion (total of 2GB DRAM)
  • Extended temperature range (-40°C to +65°C)


  • V6-RSA250 (1Rx / 80MHz or 120MHz Rx RTBW / Up to 250GHz/s Sweepspeed)
  • V6-RSA500 (1Rx & 1Tx / 80MHz, 120MHz, 160MHz or 245MHz Rx RTBW, 120MHz Tx BW / Up to 500GHz/s Sweepspeed)
  • V6-RSA2000 (2Rx & 1Tx / 160MHz or 245MHz Rx RTBW, 120MHz Tx BW / Up to 1THz/s Sweepspeed)

A first PDF data sheet is attached for download

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