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SPECTRAN V6 VSG | Vector Signal Generator series

The first SPECTRAN V6 VSG Vector Signal Generators will be available as USB "X" and USB "OEM" version. Multiple other form factors will follow.

The SPECTRAN® V6 VSG X/OEM is the world's first and only 6GHz USB IQ Vector Signal Generator with DUAL USB True I/Q streaming of up to 240MHz (IQ rate) real-time bandwidth. It offers an IQ streaming waveform of up to 240MHz and a IQ Vector Pattern of up to 450MHz via the internal 2GB DRAM.



  • Frequency range: 10MHz to 6GHz
  • Streaming I/Q vector signal generator bandwidth of up to 240MHz
  • Vector I/Q pattern bandwidth of up to 450MHz via 2GB DRAM
  • Sweeps 6GHz in less than 5mS (>1THz/s)
  • Several devices cascadable/stitchable
  • Unlimited continuous 240MHz true I/Q streaming via 2 x USB 3.0
  • World's first and only Dual USB true I/Q streaming up to 784MBytes/s (via 2xUSB 3.0)
  • Exceptional dynamic range through the use of a 14-bit ADC
  • FPGA: 930GMAC/s
  • Stackable
  • Light and compact
  • Including the powerful RTSA-Suite PRO software with daily updates
  • Made in Germany


Hardware Options / Extensions

  • OCXO time base - 5 ppb with extremely high shock and vibration resistance (±0.1ppb/g)
  • 240 MHz BW ( for V6-VSG120X)
  • 450 MHz BW (for V6-VSG240X)
  • Amplifier (additional 20dB gain)
  • Internal GPS (Includes spoofing detection and active GPS antenna with SMB cable)
  • Memory expansion (total of 2GB DRAM)
  • Extended temperature range (-40°C to +65°C)



  • V6-VSG120 (120MHz IQ Streaming Bandwidth / Up to 250GHz/s Sweep speed)
  • V6-VSG240 (240MHz IQ Streaming Bandwidth / Up to 500GHz/s Sweep speed)
  • V6-VSG450 (240MHz IQ Streaming Bandwidth & 450MHz Pattern Bandwidth / Up to 1THz/s Sweep speed)

A first PDF data sheet will be available soon

Uploaded files:
  • VSG-450X-FrontView.jpg
  • VSG-450X-BackView.jpg
Sofon has reacted to this post.

Is the PDF data sheet released? Do you also have manual for the generator software?
Is it expected to support the following:

Modulations: 256 QAM (with upgrade), 16 FSK, PSK ( QPSK, OQPSK,BPSK,π/4-DQPSK, 8-PSK, 16-PSK, D-8 PSK)

Waveforms: Sine, triangle, square, Positive ramp, Negative ramp, Pulse

Noise generation: Uniform, Gaussian


It uses the RTSA-Suite PRO software so simply check out the corresponding signal generator blocks.



A customer would like to use the VSG "to load or stream high rate I/Q samples that we create to be turned into an RF signal at a carrier between 950 and 2450 MHz and played out to our SDR receiver.  We need to understand the tolerances on passband flatness, group delay, absolute power output etc. of the Aaronia solution to determine if it is appropriate for us to use in our test fixture."

Can this be done, and can you supply the above mentioned data?

Simply test it.

You can get a 14-day trial.

SPECTRAN V6 VSG Vector Signal Generators, the frequency range is 10MHz to 6GHz or 75MHz to 6GHz? exactly.


What do you suggest for streaming bandwidth of 245MHz OFDM Tx using the V6-VSG240? Do I need  some additional options for V6-VSG?