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Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom

The Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom block offers full control over the SPECTRAN V6 receiver and even includes the I/Q to Spectra FFT switch between Sweep and Real-Time mode with a single mouse click:

Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom

Left hand side Input:

  • IQ Stream

Right hand side Output:

  • Spectra 


This block does it all: You don't need to create different missions any more to switch between RTBW (real-time) and sweep mode since this is now selectable with a mouse click within the Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom block control bar.

In addition we have added a Start Frequency, Stop Frequency, Center Frequency and Span Frequency. Also you can change the RBW (1Hz resolution) and POI (depending on the selected sweep mode):

Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom Control Bar


You can also select the FFT Windowing function with a single click:

FFT Windowing Selection


But most interesting is that you can choose between different sweep/capture methods:

  • scan (Used for spans bigger than the RTBW. Optimized sweep if it comes to speed. In this mode we use an optimized code with a fixed number of 2k bins so the frequency accury is quite limited. More ore less a "hack" to play with but nothing you should use for a real measurement)
  • sweep (Used for spans bigger than the RTBW. Any frequency setup/span is possible)
  • real time (Any setup within the maximum hardware RTBW. No sweep mode)
  • poi (real-time measurement within the maximum hardware RTBW: Adjusts the FFT/Bin size as big as possible for the chosen POI. No sweep mode)
  • rbw (real-time measurement within the maximum hardware RTBW. Adjusts the FFT/Bin size to keep up with the selected RBW. No sweep mode)


Receiver Capture Methode


An additional great new feature is the automatic center and span adjustment if you select a profile from the database:

Automatic Frequency Adjustment


The settings are the same as found within the control bar so we need no further explanations:

Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom Settings


A typical sweep mission might look like this:

Spectran V6 Spectrum Sweep Screenshot


By simply changing the RBW you get the same sweep with a much higher resolution (in this example crisp 10kHz RBW for the full 6GHz):

Super High Resolution Wide Band Spectrum Sweep


Typical Mission:

Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom Typical Mission


Since this block is still under construction you should use it with special care.

Some (invalid) settings are not yet blocked and might even cause a crash.

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New option: Extend the sweep down to 5MHz (default is 75MHz).

All you need to do is to change the SPECTRAN V6 block setup.

Change Calibration -> RF Filter to "Auto Extended":

Please be aware about the limitations in this mode

Real Time Precomplience EMC/EMI Measurement

The Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom now includes a DC Mask feature. This will reduce the little DC "peak" to almost zero in real-time full span mode and will also optimize the noise floor.

All in all the DC is and was never a problem for a measurement but it simply looks a bit strange.

Now you have the choice:

DC Mask Feature


Spectrum without DC Masking (you can see the small DC in the center):

Spectrum with NO DC Masking


Spectrum with DC Masking Enabled (almost no DC visible):

Spectrum with DC Masking Enabled

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The Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom now includes new default settings (Capture=Sweep, frequency=380MHz to 6GHz, RBW=120kHz, SNN=20%) so the block is ready for a typical measurement with highest possible speed right from the beginning:

SPECTRAN V6 Sweep Zoom Block Default Settings

What is the difference for the newest capture method of ‘fsweep’ ? API:spectranv6/sweepsa, the "sweepsa" is mathing which capture method?


fsweep is the same as sweep but sticks to the highest possible RTBW for fastest sweep time.

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We added an IQ output to the Spectran V6 Sweep Zoom block:

IQ Output


This output will get active when switching to real time mode and offers a much easier handling e.g. for IQ recording or IQ decoder setups.

In sweep mode the output is inactive.