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Spectran V6 Sweep Generator

The optional Spectran V6 Sweep Generator block can sweep over the full frequency range starting at 75MHz up to 6GHz and is not limited to the RTBW.

Spectran V6 Sweep Generator Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Tx (SPECTRAN V6 Tx control)


The setup is quite simple and includes an own ribbon bar:

Sweep Generator Ribbon Bar Control Panel


The settings are 1:1 the same as for the ribbon bar.

You can adjust the

  • Start Frequency
  • Stop Frequency
  • Step Frequency
  • Dwell Time (down to 1ms)
  • Signal Stregth (-90dBm to 10dBm)


and finally can select the sweep type:

  • static (CW signal)
  • up
  • down
  • alternate
  • random


Spectran V6 Sweep Generator Settings


Typical Mission:


Mad1 has reacted to this post.

Has this been added as I done have it in the latest unstable release. I am trying to test the signal generator but don't have the blocks.



This block is an optional block which you can order in our online shop at Sweep Generator order

Can this sweep generator be added to an IQ Signal generator block that generate an OFDM/256QAM Signal?

So, the final transmitting signal has a sweep across a frequency range.



Please include any information related to this question.



Of course it can!

See post Post-ID1865