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Sweep Speed Tuning via Receiver Stitching ?

I am using a SPECTRAN V6 RSA2000X with 1THz/s (245MHz IQ expansion). Is it possible to get an even higher sweep speed for the complete 6GHz band?

Yes you can e.g. double the sweep speed (2THz/s) by using two units and our splitter. In this case you could operate one RSA2000X from 0-3GHz and the other from 3-6GHz.

4 units would offer a 4 times high sweep speed (4THz/s) etc.

The RTSA-Suite PRO offers full support for such a setup. Attached is a typical mission screenshot.

Our SPECTRAN V6 COMMAND CENTER ( includes up to 4 SPECTRAN V6 RSA2000X and therefore offers up to 4THz/s sweep speed.

Please note that the Spectrum Stitcher block is not inluded for free. You would need to order a license for it.

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