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NEW: SPECTRAN V6 Control Panel gets USB Connection View

Now you can see at a glance if your USB data and power connection is working as expected.


We have added three new control lights:

  • Data
  • Boost
  • Power

SPECTRAN V6 USB and Power Connection Overview


Data shows the corresponding USB connection speed

  • Yellow = USB 2.0
  • Green USB 3.0

Boost shows the corresponding optional USB connection speed

  • Grey = no connection
  • Yellow = USB 2.0
  • Green USB 3.0

Power shows the power connection health for the complete SPECTRAN V6 unit

  • Red = No or not enough power for operation
  • Yellow = Enough power for standard operation (15W) but no Tx and/or onboard FFT possible. For more power connect a power supply to the SPECTRAN V6  Powr USB connection.
  • Green = Power is perfect for all operations