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SPECTRAN V6 block: Main settings for the SPECTRAN V6 device.

The SPECTRAN V6 offers two Rx inputs (SMA female) with a real-time bandwidth of up to 245MHz each and a Tx (IQ Vector Signal Generator, SMA female) with 120MHz RTBW. It can stream the full IQ bandwidth via USB. In addition the FFT can be processed within the SPECTRAN V6 offering a SPECTRA streaming instead of IQ. This can reduce the CPU load drastically. An optional inbuild GPS receiver offers a high precission time stamp and location information. The inbuild ultra low noise preamplifier (option) boosts the DANL to -170dBm/Hz or even lower.

The SPECTRAN V6 block includes a huge spectrum of settings offering full device control no matter what. A fully loaded statistics display offers a full picture over all important data IOs at a glance. The SPECTRAN V6 block supports multiple unit stitching/cascading enabling an even higher real-time bandwidth e.g. 4 SPECTRAN V6 units reach a whopping 1GHz RTBW.

SPECTRAN V6 Block | Main Device Control

Left hand side inputs:

  • RF1 (RF input #1)
  • RF2 (RF Input #2)
  • IQStream1 (IQ data for Tx)

Right hand side outputs:

  • IQStream1 (IQ data from Rx1)
  • IQStream2 (IQ data from Rx2)
  • Spectra1 (SPECTRA data from Rx1
  • Spectra2 (SPECTRA data from Rx2)
  • Location (GPS data from internal GPS receiver)
  • Tx (Meta data from Tx)


SPECTRAN V6 Block Configuration Setup (not all settings shown):

SPECTRAN V6 | Block Settings

Typical Mission Examples:

SPECTRAN V6 | Mission Examples