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SPECTRAN V6 block: Main settings for the SPECTRAN V6 device.

The SPECTRAN V6 offers two Rx inputs (SMA female) with a real-time bandwidth of up to 245MHz each and a Tx (IQ Vector Signal Generator, SMA female) with 120MHz RTBW. It can stream the full IQ bandwidth via USB. In addition the FFT can be processed within the SPECTRAN V6 offering a SPECTRA streaming instead of IQ. This can reduce the CPU load drastically. An optional integrated GPS receiver offers a high precision time stamp and location information. The integrated ultra low noise preamplifier (option) improves the DANL to -170dBm/Hz or even lower.

The SPECTRAN V6 block includes a vast amount of settings offering full device control no matter what. An extensive statistics display provides a full picture over all important data IOs at a glance. The SPECTRAN V6 block supports multiple unit stitching/cascading enabling an even higher real-time bandwidth e.g. 4 SPECTRAN V6 units reach a whopping 1GHz RTBW.

The Transmitter Mode includes the new mode "Pattern Generator" which can hold a limited fixed pattern size of 8192 samples within the SPECTRAN V6 onboard memory without the need of an USB stream. Make sure to stay within this memory size if using this mode e.g. the effective sweep time is 8192 / samplerate (e.g. 88µs for 92MHz).

SPECTRAN V6 Block | Main Device Control

Left hand side inputs:

  • RF1 (RF input #1)
  • RF2 (RF Input #2)
  • IQStream1 (IQ data for Tx)

Right hand side outputs:

  • IQStream1 (IQ data from Rx1)
  • IQStream2 (IQ data from Rx2)
  • Spectra1 (SPECTRA data from Rx1
  • Spectra2 (SPECTRA data from Rx2)
  • Location (GPS data from internal GPS receiver)
  • Tx (Meta data from Tx)


SPECTRAN V6 Block Configuration Setup (not all settings shown):

SPECTRAN V6 | Block Settings


Typical Mission Examples:

SPECTRAN V6 | Mission Example 1


SPECTRAN V6 | Mission Example 2

The SPECTRAN V6 block now includes a Tx control within the control bar which makes the Tx handling much easier:

SPECTRAN V6 Tx Control

The SPECTRAN V6 block now includes a super accurate frequency adjustment for the clock time base. It can be adjusted within 1mHz (0,001Hz).

The adjustment is based on a 100MHz reference signal.

With this nice feature you can e.g. adjust your SPECTRAN V6 OCXO time base perfectly to your laboratory standard which might be some mHz off.

Time Base Frequency Adjustment


You can save your adjustment as a template and can reload the template at any time using the SPECTRAN V6 block for a new mission by selecting it from the SPECTRAN V6 block:

Save the OCXO Frequency Adjustment

We added a "Low Power Mode" which will disable the Tx and FFT streamings (Spectra1 & Spectra2).

If activated you can allways power the SPECTRAN V6 over the regular USB DATA connector no matter what even if using both Rx with highest rate at the same time:

SPECTRAN V6 Low Power Mode

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